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There is an ʻolelo noʻeau (Hawaiian proverb) that states, “kōkua aku kōkua mai, pēlā ka nohona ‘ohana”. It means, help others and accept help, that is the family way.
The work of Nā Wai could not be possible without your help, an important part of the Nā Wai ʻohana (family). Whether you are attending one of our concerts, visiting our website, or reading our emails, you become an important contributor to the mission and longevity of Nā Wai.
In 2009, Nā Wai started with a group of young undergraduates in the practice rooms of the University of Hawaiʻi. Seven years later, Nā Wai continues to evolve, now attracting singers and composers from across the country.


Join us in furthering the choral music of Hawaiʻi!
If you are interested in donating, please email us at 

OR mail a check to Nā Wai Chamber Choir
PO Box 4423 Hilo, Hawai'i 96720

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